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Alabama residents have been clamoring for more news on where they can place bets on sports. The sports betting scene in Alabama is still fairly ambiguous, but with the excitement for the Crimson Tide increasing every year, it is easy to see why residents of Alabama are equally excited to start making money off of their favorite teams. That being said, many residents of Alabama are finding out the hard way that they canít just use any old site that comes up first on the search engine. In the U.S. there is still a lot of competition between the best sportsbooks and that means there isnít always a clear answer for where one should go to bet, which leads to unscrupulous sites being able to take advantage of the confusion.

That is exactly why this page will seek to help put an end to the confusing first steps into the online sports betting world and attempt to help any players in Alabama that are looking for sports betting sites find the perfect site for them. This page will go over not only the best sites for residents of Alabama but also include some info on the legality of sports betting as well as some frequently asked questions many new bettors have when first learning about online sports betting.

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Are Online Sports Betting Sites Legal in Alabama?

Many residents of Alabama are worried about whether or not online sportsbooks are actually legal in Alabama. For many people this fear stems from the fact that land based sportsbooks are illegal and cannot be operated anywhere in the state. Online sportsbooks circumvent the law by not being based or licensed anywhere in the U.S. State and Federal law only applies to businesses and sites that are owned and operated inside the U.S., so these online sportsbooks may not be technically legal under the law, however, the U.S. has no jurisdiction over them and therefore cannot control them. When it comes to the act of betting on sports, Alabama hasnít had one case of someone whose criminal record is otherwise clean being brought in and charged for sports betting.

Best Alabama Sports Betting Sites

When considering what sites are best for a state and its players, key factors to keep in mind include deposits, bonuses, payouts, local laws, and more. That being said, there are almost always a few top gambling sites that welcome Alabama residents that continually rise above the rest no matter what state they are offered in. Below will be short reviews of the sites offered to Alabama residents that have proven to be the best not only through what they offer, but also from the membership numbers for that state that show what sites the residents of Alabama prefer.

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada has been a longtime favorite of sports betting fans everywhere. For more than 20 years they have been offering one of the best online sportsbooks in the U.S. and they continue to excel in the field despite stiff competition. The secret to Bovada lies within their great welcome bonus that invites new players to not only take the leap and join the site but also to take some risks and really get into the betting right off the bat.

The reason Bovadaís welcome bonus is so much better than many of the other welcome bonuses currently available is just how much Bovada gives back. They have a 50% match bonus up to $250 dollars meaning new bettors on the site are going to get up to $250 free as soon as they join. This money isnít called free play for nothing either, this bonus doesnít get transferred to, or affect the total money in a new playerís account, until the bonus and deposit amount have been wagered a set amount of times. This means that mistakes or bad bets made with bonus money will not at all affect the main account, which can prove invaluable for new bettors.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

SportsBetting is all about sports, if their name wasnít enough of a giveaway. When players go to SportsBetting it is because they want to bet on a lot of sports, not just the most popular ones everyone knows about. This online sportsbook is well known for its wide selection of sports and residents of Alabama seem to agree that they have one of the best selections on the net, if state membership numbers are anything to go by at least.

This legal online sportsbook for Alabama residents is a serious site for serious players and anyone from Alabama looking to really go crazy with sports betting should come here first. They have more sports than almost any other site on the web and they arenít shy about adding more things to bet on whenever they can. Currently they offer nearly 20 different sports to bet on. Whatís more they have multiple leagues for each sports that bettors can place bets on. New players will find this is one of the best sports betting sites on the web, an excellent choice for any resident of Alabama new to the sports betting scene.

BetOnline Sportsbook

When most people look up the best sports betting sites in the U.S., one of the most commonly talked about sites is BetOnline. BetOnline is so good that they have garnered both the local support of many Alabama bettors, but they have also attracted the attention and sponsorship of many major sports outlets. On top of all that they still have one of the most diverse sportsbooks on the net that offers more wager types for players than any other site on the web.

Known for their diverse ways to bet, BetOnline has managed to accrue not only an impressive roster of sports and leagues to bet on, but has made sure to include plenty of ways to mix up the bets on these teams. New bettors may want to stick to the simpler single bets at first but in time will become comfortable with the classic parlay bets offered on the site. Once Alabama residents really get acquainted with the online sports betting world they can start using more advanced wagers like If-bets where a bet is only placed if a previous bet is won, or a teaser where the strict parlay is made a little easier by allowing bettors to ďteaseĒ the point spread in their favor in exchange for slightly less profit. In total BetOnline boasts more around 6 different ways in which to place wagers, and this doesnít even include all the different sports, teams, leagues, odds, and conditions that can affect the bet. With big names like CNBC and USA today citing the odds listed on Bovada and attesting to their quality it is easy to see why BetOnline is a good choice for new bettors in Alabama.

Legal Sports Betting Sites For Alabama Residents
Best Alabama Sportsbooks Initial Deposit Bonus Mobile Wagering Visit
Bovada Sportsbook 50% up to $250 Yes, All Devices VISIT
BetOnline Sportsbook 25% to $1,000 - "FIRST" Yes, All Devices VISIT
SportsBetting Sportsbook 50% up to $500 - "SB50" Yes, All Devices VISIT
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% to $200, 20% to $500 after Yes, Phone-in Too VISIT
Frequently Asked Questions: Sports Betting in Alabama

Q: How do I sign up with one of these Alabama sports betting sites?

A: Registration is always easy with online sportsbooks. Most sites will have various links to the registration page on their homepage. Once there, new players will be asked for some basic info that is needed in order to properly confirm that a bot is not being used to sign up for the site and that the bettor can be reliably contacted should any problems arise. This info includes phone number, e-mail, address (for check payout purposes), and age. Once this is all verified an e-mail will be sent to the provided e-mail address. Use this e-mail to confirm the account and deposits can be made immediately after.

Q: How do I deposit into my account?

A: Deposits are essentially the lifeblood of both the site itself and any accounts using the site. A deposit is money that the account holder deposits onto the site for use in sports betting. The ways in which a new user can deposit are all listed out on the cashier page of a site and in many cases a site will provide a tab with more information on each method and the fees, wait times, and limits associated with each method.

Q: How do I apply a welcome bonus?

A: Some sites will automatically apply the bonus as soon as sign up is complete and the first deposit is made. Others will require users to put in a code that is given in the terms and conditions of the bonus that will apply the bonus on their first deposit. Careful reading of the terms and conditions of the bonus is the best way to determine how to apply the bonus.

Q: Are there any terms to using my bonus?

A: Nowadays most sites will require users to show a little commitment to staying with the site before they will allow welcome bonuses to be withdrawn. The standard procedure for this is a system referred to as rollover. Essentially whenever a bettor places a bet it will add into their total amount wagered on the site. Once this total amount wagered is equal to the initial deposit and bonus it rolls over. The original amount must be rolled over a set amount of times that is listed in the terms of the bonus to be claimed and withdrawn.

Q: What happens if I bet underage in Alabama?

A: Underage betting is a serious crime and if these sites didnít crack down hard on it their reputation and gaming licenses would be at risk. Because of this any player found to be under the age limit required by the site will have their account deleted and all funds on it will be forfeit as punishment. If any legal issues arise with the state an online sportsbook will always defer to the states age limit making anyone betting under the state age liable to state penalties even if the site allows them to register and play.

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